Graph: Ocean Shipping the Most Energy-Efficient Mode of Transport

Many people assume manufacturing overseas and bringing products to Canada has a negative impact on our environment. However, research studies indicate that shipping by vessel is by far the most environmentally friendly method of transport. Therefore, shipping from Vancouver to Toronto by truck produces more CO2 emissions than shipping from Hong Kong to Vancouver by boat. The following article and graph by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) demonstrates this.

‘“Distance does not simply equal a higher carbon footprint,” says Simchi-Levi.

Instead, measuring a product’s carbon footprint involves quantifying several factors, including the emissions produced by particular fuels; the fuel efficiency of each form of transportation; the energy used by distribution centers and the emissions generated by different power-generation technologies (such as coal, natural gas or nuclear power) in those areas; and the emissions resulting from product packaging.’

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Shipping graph

Graphic provided by Edgar Blanco, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics