David Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot Tour

Congratulations to David Suzuki and his team on an incredible, inspiring, and educational Blue Dot Tour. The Blue Dot Tour has set in motion a campaign to make a shift in our highest governing law, the Canadian Constitution.

The inter-dependancy of Business-Government seems clearer than at any time in the past: a good opportunity for both to shape the future, rather than react to it.

Sustainable development fosters policies that integrate environmental, economic, and social values in decision-making. From a business perspective, sustainable development favors building resilient and adaptive systems while managing risk and making a profit. Importantly, sustainable development reflects not only the trade-off between business and the environment, but the synergy between them.

Social Print Paper is committed to industry leading sustainable print and paper solutions and is proud to support the efforts of the David Suzuki Foundation in reducing greenhouse gases and minimizing deforestation.

David Suzuki Foundation's Blue Dot Tour