Globe & Mail: Still killing trees at the copier? Step up with something greener

Toronto, ON – Minto Roy didn’t start out trying to save the world. Five years after co-founding Social Print Paper, which produces copier paper predominantly from waste wheat straw instead of traditional wood fibre, he hasn’t yet put all of the planet’s wrongs to right. “We’re social entrepreneurs. We’d like to save the world, but we’d like […]

Social Print Paper featured in BIV Magazine

Vancouver, BC – Social Print Paper is an affiliate of Royal Printers, a family-owned commercial printing business founded in 1932. Social Print’s line of copy paper made from agricultural waste marks the first time the printer has entered the paper-production market. According to Social Print’s senior partner, Minto Roy, paper made from the waste produced […]

The Environmental Minute: Wheat Sheet Case Study

In partnership with News1130 and Social Print Paper, we’re proud to sponsor The Environmental Minute on News1130. The purpose is to provide listeners with leading thoughts, ideas, and tips on incorporating environmental practices into their businesses. This week on The Environmental Minute, Minto Roy, Senior Partner of Social Print Paper. Minto shares a case study to demonstrate the practical application of […]